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Weighing Different Aspects of Tuition-Free College Proposal

Inside Higher Education reports on various aspects of Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden's tuition-free college proposal, which would "make attendance free at two-year colleges, as well as for those whose families make less than $125,000 at public four-year colleges, as well as public and private HBCUs." Inside Higher Education reports that the plan would cost "hundreds of billions of dollars ... over the next decade."

The Inside Higher Education article also reports: "A Pew Research Center poll in January found 83 percent of those who identified themselves as Democrats or leaning Democratic supported making tuition free, compared to only 39 percent of Republicans and those leaning Republican.

However, it found the idea has support among some Republicans: younger people, women and, somewhat surprisingly, ... people without college degrees."

Critics argue that a tuition-free college policy would be very expensive for taxpayers and that "free tuition wouldn’t address the real problem behind the rising costs to attend college, or the increase that’s driving the amount of debt students are having to take on." Read the full article here.

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