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University of Alaska Financial Exigency Vote Moved to July 30

Following a large cut in state appropriations that are scheduled to begin next year, the regents of the University of Alaska moved their vote on financial exigency to July 30 in order "to have a clearer picture of whether state lawmakers might restore at least a portion of the cuts," the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. A declaration of financial exigency is one of the few ways a higher education institution can terminate tenured faculty.

The Chronicle also reports that University of Alaska officials fear the appropriations cuts could have a cumulative effect leading to even further revenue declines. From the Chronicle: "Federal grants and contracts will shrink as researchers are laid off and federal agencies lose confidence that those who remain can deliver the work ... Meanwhile, tuition dollars will shrink if, as expected, enrollments decline. Foundations will delay donating while they wait to see if the system ... remains viable."

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