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Trump Signs Stimulus Bill; Higher Ed Says It's Not Enough

After threatening to veto it, President Trump yesterday signed the $900 billion coronavirus federal stimulus package. Among other provisions, the bill contains $82 billion for education (total for both K-12 and higher education). But higher education groups have said this amount is not nearly enough.

President of the American Council on Education Ted Mitchell issued a statement last week that said, "At least $120 billion in additional relief is needed just to begin to meet the needs of students and their families wrestling with lost or reduced wages and campuses dealing with a massive, accumulated loss of revenue that is likely to grow worse in the near future, and in most areas will persist for several years."

From Inside Higher Education: "The COVID-19 relief to higher ed institutions represents only a sliver of the $120 billion associations representing colleges and universities had requested. It requires half of the funding to be spent on emergency aid to struggling students, much like the CARES Act funding approved in April. Part of the $82 billion in additional help for all of education, colleges and universities are getting a smaller slice than in the CARES Act."

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