• Rebecca Natow

Several Colleges Add "University" to Their Name Following Change of Criteria in New York State

In recent weeks, you may have noticed several higher education institutions in New York state change their name from "College" to "University," including Molloy University, St. Joseph's University, New York, and Dominican University, New York. As reported in Inside Higher Education, New York state recently changed its policy for higher education institutions to be named "University," and a flurry of institutional name changes followed.

From Inside Higher Education: "Under the state board’s previous definition, an institution could only be designated as a university if it offered 'a range of registered undergraduate and graduate curricula in the liberal arts and sciences, degrees in two or more professional fields, and doctoral programs in at least three academic fields.' The amendment approved in January removed the requirement for professional and doctoral programs. Universities are now defined as 'including graduate programs registered in at least three of the following discipline areas: agriculture, biological sciences, business, education, engineering, fine arts, health professions, humanities, physical sciences and social sciences.'”

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