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NPR Reporting on federal TEACH Grants Turned to Loans and Back to Grants

NPR has been reporting on how some teachers' federal TEACH Grants -- which provide grants for higher education students studying education if they agree to teach in qualifying public schools for at least four years -- had been converted to loans for thousands of teachers due to minor errors in paperwork or slightly missed deadlines. NPR now reports that the U.S. Department of Education has been reversing these decisions in a number of cases and converting the loans back into grants.

NPR's reporting also references the Department of Education's recent negotiated rulemaking process on (among other matters) TEACH Grants: "In addition to the department's current relief efforts, advocates have also pushed for an overhaul of the TEACH Grant's rules. That process, known as negotiated rulemaking, recently concluded with something of a surprise: The department agreed to expand its fix to reach even more teachers and to make the program much easier to navigate."

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