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My Review of "The Plot" (Audiobook)

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz

3.75 out of 5 stars

Here's the thing. This novel contains a book-within-a-book, and the book-within-the-book is supposed to contain one of the greatest plots ever. But as that plot was gradually revealed, it became apparent that the plot-within-The-Plot was not so great. I found the story more enjoyable toward the beginning, when the plot-within-The-Plot had not yet been revealed to the reader of The Plot, but was receiving national accolades. Had the plot-within-The-Plot remained a mystery, the story as a whole may have been more believable. But the plot-within-The-Plot must be revealed, because without it, the novel's own plot twist wouldn't make much sense. A plot twist which, as many other reviewers have noted, was quite easily predictable.

Still, I found this novel engaging, and although I had little sympathy for the main character at the beginning, I grew to root for him by the novel's end. Jean Hanff Korelitz is an excellent writer, and that certainly helps The Plot. And narrator Kirby Heyborne does an excellent job giving life to the characters through the audiobook. Worth a listen!

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