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More Budget Problems for Public Higher Education

Inside Higher Education reports that state budget cuts following the COVID-19 crisis could hit public higher education particularly hard. The budget cuts, which have already started, could hit some states harder than others.

From Inside Higher Education: "With uncertain prospects in Congress for even half the $500 billion the nation's governors say they need to stabilize budgets, many states face budget cuts. And they will look at slashing funds for public colleges."

Moreover, a Moody's report indicates that some states will be hit particularly hard. From Inside Higher Education: "The report will say almost twice as many states are now unprepared for even the best-case scenario, in which social distancing requirements will last until the middle of the year.

The 10 least-prepared states last fall will still be in the crosshairs during a recession: Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania."

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