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Links to News About How COVID-19 is Affecting Higher Education

As a number of conferences and higher education institutions (including both my employer and my alma mater) announce cancellations or a move to online meetings, here are some links to news sources regarding how COVID-19 is affecting higher education:

Inside Higher Education reports on a number of campus closures and decisions to move classes online in response to COVID-19.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a roundup of class and conference cancellations, moves to online learning, and news about how COVID-19 is affecting study abroad and college athletics.

Inside Higher Education reports on how COVID-19 is affecting college admissions.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on colleges and universities moving to online education and "what comes next" (subscription required).

Education Week reports on the American Educational Research Association's decision to move to a virtual conference format due to COVID-19 concerns.

It should be noted that because this is a rapidly evolving situation, there are a number of additional cancellations that have been announced but have not yet been reported in the news. Stay tuned...

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