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Higher Education Policy in the News -- 11-22-2021

Here are some interesting news stories about higher education policy:

Inside Higher Education: "Stakeholders argue that there are more appropriate ways to hold for-profit institutions accountable than excluding their students from using the Build Back Better Act’s increase to the maximum Pell Grant."

Chronicle of Higher Education: "Free College is Dead in Congress, but It's Alive and Well in the States."

Inside Higher Education: "President Biden and congressional Democrats’ $1.75 trillion social spending package passed the House Friday by a vote of 220 to 213," which "includes billions of dollars in new investments for higher education."

Higher Ed Dive: "The University of California System will no longer use standardized test scores as part of its undergraduate admissions processes, likely making it the largest four-year higher education entity in the U.S. to become assessment-free."

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