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Higher Education Policy Headlines - 12/11/2019

There's a lot of higher education policy in the news today. Here are some key headlines:

The FUTURE Act, which provides permanent funding for MSIs and simplifies the FAFSA, passed the House of Representatives yesterday (see Inside Higher Education's coverage).

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "The University of New Mexico has met the terms of a 2016 agreement with the Department of Justice that stipulated that it needed to improve how it handles sexual violence on campus, bringing to an end three years of Justice Department monitoring."

Inside Higher Education reports: "The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the University of Phoenix have agreed to a multimillion-dollar settlement relating to a long-running investigation by the FTC into whether the university engaged in deceptive advertising."

Finally, Inside Higher Education is reporting about the Department of Education's "new methodology … to cancel loan debt balances held by defrauded students" under the Borrower Defense rule.

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