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Federal Higher Education Policy Headlines

There's a lot of federal higher education policy in the news today:

-- Inside Higher Education reports that the Government Accountability Office is researching companies that assist colleges and universities with initiating online programs.

-- The Chronicle of Higher Education's "Higher Ed Under Biden-Harris" updates indicate that House Education and Labor Committee Chair Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) does not anticipate more than the currently proposed $35 billion in funding for higher education nor widespread student debt cancellation in the forthcoming COVID-19 stimulus legislation.

-- Inside Higher Education reports that Dr. Michelle Asha Cooper, who is an advocate for educational equity and president of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, will serve as the U.S. Department of Education's acting assistant secretary for postsecondary education.

-- Finally, from Inside Higher Education: "President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed an executive order directing agency heads to review existing agency actions, regulations and policies with an eye toward identifying policies that impede access to the legal immigration system or fair, efficient adjudication of immigration benefits."

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