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ED Responds to Congressional Democrats' Request for DeVos to Testify

In response to a request earlier this month from congressional Democrats that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos testify before Congress or face a subpoena to compel her testimony, DeVos and the Education Department have responded. From Inside Higher Education: "Instead of an RSVP, the acting general counsel for the Education Department sent the committee a scathing letter pushing back at what he considers to be overreach by the committee -- and saying the subpoena threat 'signals an unhealthy appetite for the abuse of congressional power.' The Feb. 7 letter from Reed Rubinstein went on to say the threat provides “strong reason to believe the demand for the secretary’s testimony has nothing to do with a good, fair and constitutional process.”

Read the Inside Higher Ed story from earlier this month regarding the congressional request and subpoena threat here.

Read the Department of Education's full response letter here.

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